Listen! Listen – 100 years of radio / Museum für Geschichte, Graz, Styria

Steirerfunk, Fotograf*in unbekannt, undatiert, Sammlung Kubinzky (Multimediale Sammlungen/UMJ)

14.06.2024 – 06.01.2025

Styrian radio history begins with an experiment. In 1904, the Austrian physicist Otto Nußbaumer succeeded for the first time in transmitting the human voice wirelessly over a short distance.
However, the time was not yet ripe for his experimental set-up to be utilised. Further inventions and developments by numerous scientists, engineers and interested laypeople from all over the world were necessary – it was only after the First World War that the rise of radio was in the air.
The first official radio station was established in Austria with the founding of Radioverkehrs AG. Regular broadcasting operations began in October 1924 and the first transmitter outside Vienna was set up on the Schloßberg in Graz in 1925. After the initial amazement at what was technically feasible, radio quickly found its place in people’s everyday lives and became a product suitable for the masses. “120 years of Styrian radio history” and “100 years of radio in Austria” are the occasion for this exhibition curated by Maria Froihofer and Thomas Felfer, in which the different meanings as well as the versatility and changeability of radio in production and reception are shown.

Listen! Listen – 100 years of radio
14.06.2024 – 06.01.2025
Museum für Geschichte
Sackstraße 16, 8010 Graz