SIMON GORITSCHNIG | Excavations from Unknown Origins / Bildraum 07, Vienna

Simon Goritschnig, A Constant Struggle, 2023, Detail, Filament-Druck, © Bildrecht, Wien 2024

17.05.2024 – 19.06.2024

In ‘Excavations from Unknown Origins’, Simon Goritschnig delves into the possibilities of alien worlds. With recourse to isomorphism – the mathematical principle of congruence, of similarity in the most unexpected regions of the cosmos – Goritschnig combines evolutionary theory with speculations about unknown life forms.
To this end, he allows idiosyncratic structures to pervade the space. Their origin, whether organic or inorganic, remains a mystery at first. The objects realized using film printing resemble fossils, whereby inorganic materiality meets organic forms. In addition, Simon Goritschnig places drawing as a shape-shifter in the course of technological development alongside computer-aided methods and their post-apocalyptic flair. His graphite frottages and ink drawings combine familiar zoological and botanical elements with fantastic structures, and the familiar with moments of infinity.

SIMON GORITSCHNIG | Excavations from Unknown Origins
17.05.2024 – 19.06.2024
Bildraum 07
Burggasse 7-9
Vienna 7