School of Listening: (Im)possible Conversations / Museum der Moderne, Rupertinum, Salzburg

© Museum der Moderne, Foto: Rainer Iglar

22.07.2024 — 31.08.2024

Inspired by Oskar Kokoschka’s School of Seeing, which he founded in 1953, a programme has been developed especially for the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts that focuses on a special kind of listening: the School of Listening.
It explores the potential of listening to embody conflict, perceive subtle differences, amplify silenced stories, penetrate boundaries and challenge simple views of identity. Using the human voice and sounds in media such as performance, music, radio and film, it invites people to speak, listen, participate, say no, collaborate or resist together.
Under the title School of Listening: (Im)possible Conversations, several artists from the Summer Academy will present a selection of their works at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, including works from the Generali Foundation Collection.
With works by Ofri Cnaani, Thalia Hoffman, Stav Marin, Samira Saraya, Neta Weiner and Manar Zuabi as well as works from the Generali Foundation Collection by Joan Jonas and Peter Tscherkassky.

School of Listening: (Im)possible Conversations
22.07.2024 — 31.08.2024
Museum der Moderne, Rupertinum
Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 9
5020 Salzburg