“Vulgata. 77 Zugriffe auf die Bibel | Klaus G. Gaida” / Graz

Julia Krahn übersetzt das Hohe Lied der Liebe in Bilder

Bis bis 08.07.2017 | 19.07. – 31.08.2017; Kulturzentrum Graz.
The exhibition “Vulgata” presents until the beginning of July the works of contemporary artists who discuss motifs and texts from the bible in many different ways.

In summer the KULTUM is actually supposed to go into recess. Nevertheless, there will be something to see: namely images dealing with the emptiness, the crossed out. Klaus G. Gaida is responsible for those images. He is primarily known for his design of the Augustinum Church in Graz.


Bis bis 08.07.2017 | 19.07. – 31.08.2017