“Shaping Human Cities” / GrazMuseum

Bis 24.06.2018; Graz.
Urbane Experimente aus elf europäischen Städten.

Why do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable in a city?
What makes it livable?
Do we have the freedom to shape our city?
What makes a city our city?

Human Cities Challenging the City Scale is a European research project. Based on that project, students of the FH Joanneum designed the exhibition and present urban experiments which can be experienced and modified.

One of them is LET’S TAKE ACTION! It gives tips on how to become active in your own urban environment and thereby improve the urban space.

WANNA PLAY? Consists of eleven miniature golf courses that invite you to play. Each lane is assigned to one Human City and one of their experiments. The courses incorporate the spatial and creative circumstances of the experiments and pose a challenge for the players.

WANNA TASTE? Invites up to 20 guests on four sundays to taste the Human Cities projects in eleven courses.

WANNA TRAVEL? conquers the city center of Graz with ten intriguing installations.

In addition, an app with an interactive, digital catalogue is available for download. Here, photos, videos, comments, etc. can be uploaded and commented upon.

Shaping Human Cities
Till 24.06.2018
Sackstraße 18
A-8010 Graz