Alexey Kovalets, Erasmus student / University of Graz

Alexey Kovalets is studying at Tomsk State University in Russia. He spends his Erasmus semester at the Karl-Franzens-Universität, the University of Graz. His subjects are Russian and English, a combination of which he benefits, as he can compare the teaching methods of these two languages. In addition to studying, he works as a teaching assistant and gathers experience in teaching Russian students.
In Tomsk, Alexey Kovalets never goes by bicycle. Be it because of the weather in Siberia, or because of the distances. In Graz, however, one of his first activities was to buy one. Because from the Friedrich Schiller dormitory where he lives he can reach every point in Graz in less than twenty minutes by bike.

Teaching materials for teaching German as a foreign language are available at: Teaching didactics/teaching materials Alexey Kovalets

Alexey Kovelets

University of Graz

Institut für Slawistikür-Slawistik-Graz

Tomsk State University

Friedrich Schiller Studentenheim Graz