Ekaterina Degot, Director of steirischer herbst, Graz

Ekaterina Degot is the director of the avant-garde festival steirischer herbst. She comes from Moscow and is an art historian. For Ekaterina Degot the dialogue with the cultural context in which an art festival takes place is important because a festival does not happen nowhere but in a precise place and at a precise moment in time. The question of why exactly these works of art are brought to Graz or will be produced in Graz has to be answered. It is no coincidence that the steirischer herbst of 2018 focused on places having witnessed historical events, such as Schlossbergstiege, Keplerstrasse as the street Hitler drove along in 1938 and the Hotel Daniel. For Ekaterina Degot Hotel Daniel represents the expectations and hopes of the post-war period.

Teaching materials for teaching German as a foreign languageare available at: Didaktisierung/Unterrichtsmaterialien Ekaterina Degot

steirischer herbst