“Ethnocineca 2019” / International Documentary Filmfestival, Wien

23.05. – 29.05.2019; Wien
AT RISK. How filmmaking can be dangerous.

The international documentary film festival Ethnocineca shows ethnographic films in Vienna. In addition to socio-critical and contemporary cinema, the programme also includes discussions, presentations, master classes, parties and award ceremonies.

This year’s topic AT RISK involves the risks and dangers of filmmaking. Making films entails risks for directors, protagonists and the team. In political, private or physical respect. But it is also about all those values that are currently negotiated in a highly polarized way in media and political discourses and that seem to be at risk in times of political upheaval, both on the social and the private level.

Ethnocineca 2019
23.05. – 29.05.2019
Votiv Kino | Kino De France