“How to philosophise with a rubber glove” / kulturtankstelle, Linz

03.04.2019 – 09.04.2019; Linz
Topological operations in art and theory. The  kulturtankstelle welcomes Kunstuniversität Linz as a guest.

Networking, distorting and turning upside down: The Department of Art History and Art Theory at the University of Arts Linz wants to break up old patterns with its exhibition and workshop. In this context, the reversible glove stands for the infiltration of binary categories: Whoever philosophises with the rubber glove opens himself to the stretchable and ambivalent as well as complications and developments that lead from one form to another.

The project focuses on the increasing importance of topological operations and concepts in contemporary art and theory. What paradigm shifts are emerging as a result? Can static dichotomies such as modern/postmodern, organic/mechanical, male/female, nature/culture, art/science be reconsidered? And finally: can they follow a principle of both as well as the other and a logic of constant transformation – in favor of research approaches and art practices?

With works and contributions by Gerhard Dirmoser (Linz), Sarah Kolb (Linz/Vienna), Katrin Mayer (Düsseldorf/Berlin), Pauline M’barek (Cologne/Brussels), Max Schaffer (Berlin), Matthias Sohr (Lausanne), Michael Rottmann (Basel) und Jens Vetter (Linz)

How to philosophise with a rubber glove
03.04. -09.04.2019
Dametzstrasse 14
4020 Linz