Teaching materials for teaching German as a foreign language about Pascal Okafor

Teaching materials from the 9th grade for teaching German as a foreign language to the film about the Megaphon Seller Pascal Okafor.

Link to the film: Pascal Okafor, Megaphon Verkäufer. Graz

Link to the PDF with the teaching materials: Pascal Okafor.pdf

Pascal Okafor comes from Nigeria. Since 2010 he lives in Graz, a city where he appreciates the feeling of security. The security of leaving the house at any time of day and to be able to go wherever you want. Pascal Okafor works as a megaphone salesman and is a member of the Nigerian choir of the African Catholic Community. The community celebrates the Holy Mass in English in the St. Andrä Church Graz. Together with his friends he sings and plays in the languages Igbo and English. His instrument of choice is Alo, a traditional Nigerian instrument.