“River in Transition | Studio DAHD Exhibition” / Kulturquartier Linz

BOTTOM_UP_BRIDGE © Tatajan Aranka Schinko & Nimmervoll

06.11.2019 – 26.11.2019; Linz.
About the Danube’s hidden cultural heritage!

Linz is the last stop on this touring exhibition through four Danube states.

21 students from the four Danube countries Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria and Germany explored the Danube basin and its hidden heritage. The result is 12 artistic positions ranging from drawing, film and video to text, performance and installation.

Students from the fields of architecture, performing arts, film directing and editing, music production, camera, visual arts, sculpture and photography participated in the STUDIO DAHD (Danube’s Artistic Heritage Development), an experimental studio that enabled students to expand their fields of work.

The Austrian Tatjana Aranka Schinko developed the project “BOTTOM-UP-BRIDGE”, which was documented by Carina Nimmervoll. Bridges and their socio-economic influence are at the centre of this project, or more precisely the absence of bridges in the last 1000 km of the Danube, where there are only six bridges in total. What does the absence of communication mean for the people who live there? How can bridges be built bottom-up, i.e. without larger means? Can certain types of community be formed and which processes are stimulated? Are communities a hidden heritage? We will answer these questions through spatial interventions in two places that do not have equal access to European life.

River in Transition
Kulturtankstelle des OÖ Kulturquartier
Dametzstrasse 14
4020 Linz