“TanzTage 2020” / Posthof, Linz

Kibbutz CDC © Eyal Hirsch

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18.03.2020 – 18.04.2020; Linz.
TanzTage 2020, eng. DanceDays – very close to the beat of life.

With no less than four Austrian premieres, viewers at TanzTage 2020 in Linz’s Posthof will be transported into the world of dance, very close to the beat of life. Dance paired with acrobatics, grace and fascination, but also political topics await the festival visitor.

The latest work “Asylum” by the world-famous Kibbuz Contempory Dance Company deals with immigration, xenophobia and the fate of asylum seekers.

The Australian modern circus troupe Gravity & Other Myth, led by Darcy Grant, overrides the laws of gravity with their latest creation “Out of Chaos”.

Shay Kuebler, the internationally acclaimed indie dance artist, will be making his first guest appearance at the Tanztage in Linz with his ensemble Radical System Art. In “Telemetry” the stage becomes a colourful arena of contemporary dance, acrobatics and theatre.

The most recent stage play, “Sin permiso. Canciones para el silencio” by the Catalan star dancer and choreographer Ana Morales, which has been showered with awards, takes the audience into a fascinating world between dream and reality. Together with the dancer José Manuel Álvarez, accompanied by vocals, guitar, electronic music and drums, the flamenco dancer enters a forbidden place of memory.

TanzTage 2020
18.03.2020 – 18.04.2020
Posthof – Zeitkultur am Hafen
Posthofstrasse 43
4020 Linz

Asylum – Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
Out Of Chaos – Gravity & Other Myths 
Telemetry – Shay Kuebler Radica System Art
Sin permiso. Canciones para el silencio – Ana Morales