“FM4 Soundpark – Plattform für neue Musik aus Österreich”

Mavi Phoenix ist einer der aktuell bekanntesten österreichischen Acts, die auch auf FM4 Soundpark zu finden sind. © Louis Browne

A place for homegrown music. The FM4 Soundpark presents the latest of the homegrown music scene.

The FM4 Soundpark is a platform for music from Austria – online and on air. Musicians and bands can create profiles and present their songs here. Particularly successful songs are selected by the Soundpark editors and then actually played on FM4.

All music uploaded to Soundpark is available for download and on the FM4 Soundpark Podcast. In addition, during the night from Sunday to Monday between 1 and 6 a.m., Soundpark bands are played particularly frequently in the radio show of the same name, which deals exclusively with Austrian music.

Since its launch in October 2001, more than 6,000 bands have used the Soundpark, and the number is growing daily.

FM4 Soundpark