Ö1 der Kultursender

(c) Ö1 der Kultursender

Gehört gehört.

Without Ö1, Austria would be unthinkable for many as a cultural country.

The ORF’s culture channel offers its listeners daily intellectual nourishment and material for critical reflection in abundance. Not only in times of crisis.

An always stimulating daily companion from the “Gedanken für den Tag” to “Leporello”, the “Radiokolleg” to the “Hörbildern”, “Diagonal” and and and.

Ö1 is addictive without harmful side effects. And Ö1 makes it clear that a cultivated country is more than just a result of optimised economic data.

Public broadcasting in the best sense of the word and a cultural institution that creates identity in one.

Ö1 belongs belongs.

Especially now.

Ö1 der Kultursender