“Gebaut für Alle” / Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz

(c) Urnenhain Feuerhalle, Gregor Graf

19.11.2021 – 18.04.2022

The architectural work of Curt Kühne and Julius Schulte is the focus of an exhibition at the Nordico Stadtmuseum. Curt Kühne, city planning director (1882-1963) and Julius Schulte, collaborator (1881-1928) were two important Linz urban planners in the first third of the 20th century. Linz was virtually on the threshold of modernity, and the two planners developed a whole series of public buildings that are still architecturally relevant today. Private residences were also among their buildings, which still stand out today for their high, individual design quality. On display in the exhibition are a series of plans, historical and current photographs, and contemporary documents on the work of the two architects and their impact. The exhibition was curated by Andrea Bina and Georg Wilbertz.

Gebaut für Alle
Curt Kühne und Julius Schulte planen das soziale Linz
19.11.2021 – 18.04.2022
Nordico Stadtmuseum
Dametzstraße 23
4020 Linz