Art Brunch: Arnold Reinisch und Wenzel Mraček / Schaumbad Graz 

(c) pexels

07.06.2020, 11.00Uhr

Arnold Reinisch presents his exhibition “Labor Vintage Dystopia” in conversation with Wenzel Mraček at the Schaumbad Graz for discussion.

The term laboratory is derived from the Latin “laborare” – to work, suffer, to toil – and in this sense is also characteristic of Reinisch’s artistic work. The laboratory is his workplace, where various experiments, measurements, tests, processes are carried out. Nevertheless, he is constantly experimenting, always in search of new hybrid life forms and possibilities of representing bodies in fictitious, but at least conceivable forms and circumstances. The creative act is his driving force here. The exhibition in the foam bath shows the results of his search.

Art Brunch: Arnold Reinisch und Wenzel Mraček
07.06.2020, 11.00Uhr
Schaumbad Freies Atelierhaus Graz
Puchstraße 41
8020 Graz