Bryan Adams: Exposed / Leica Galerie, Salzburg

(c) Bryan Adams, Sean Penn

22.07. – 06.11.2021.

The intimate look at the glamorous stars!

How we like to look up to those, who are in the spotlight of attention – would even like to be a star ourselves! And yet hardly anyone considers what it means to live a life so exposed to the public.

Even Marilyn Monroe stated that she was a public person, who had no private life.
When there is no space to retreat, it is easy to get into trouble.

Bryan Adams, who is far better known as a musician than as a photographer, is on a first-name basis with the glamorous world of appearances. And so he gets very close to those he portrays. Because he knows how it feels, and because they know each other. Like and like tend to get along.

Those struggling for privacy seem happy to expose themselves to him – Bryan Adams – and his camera. And so intimate portraits in black and white emerge: heads, breast images, whole bodies! And there’s an air of familiarity and mischievous, knowing smiles when Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse, Mick Jagger, Sean, Penn, Sir Ben Kingsley or even HRM The Queen appear in front of Adams’ camera.

And he shows that he is not only a good musician, but also an insightful photographer.

As a viewer you can enjoy being very close to the stars and at the same time looking at them through the eyes of a star. A high feeling!

Bryan Adams: Exposed
22.07. – 06.11.2021
Leica Galerie
Gaisbergstraße 12
5020 Salzburg