Gordon Matta-Clark: Out of the Box / Museum der Moderne, Salzburg

(c) Gordon Matta-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1975, Film, 16mm (Farbe, stumm), 18 min 40 sec, Auflage 1/10, Filmstill, Sammlung Generali Foundation – Dauerleihgabe am Museum der Moderne Salzburg / Bildrecht, Wien 2021, Foto: Werner Kaligofsky

13.11.2021 –  06.03.2022.

Deconstructing architecture in an almost lyrical way. Gordon Matta-Clark cut up and disassembled buildings, creating new spatial experiences. Captured on film and photographically, his experiments have been preserved for posterity.
The exhibition at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg am Mönchsberg presents new insights into Matta-Clark’s work based on a three-part research and exhibition series by the Canadian Centre for Architecture.
At the same time, the Generali Foundation, in collaboration with artist Hans Schabus, is developing a project that explores the contemporary relevance of Matta-Clark’s work.

Gordon Matta-Clark: Out of the Box
13.11.2021 –  06.03.2022
Museum der Moderne
Mönchsberg 32
5020 Salzburg