Buch Wien 2021 / Wien

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10. – 14.11.2021.

Reading – a celebration!

Books invite you to enter a world that exists in oneshead and touches the heart.

At this year’s Buch Wien, readers, authors, publishers and the book trade will take center stage on 12,000 m² on eight exhibition stages and in numerous locations throughout Vienna over five days.

Isolde Charim will kick things off with an opening speech that addresses some of the burning socio-political and cultural issues of the day. The opening night’s other program includes the international poetry slam competition and the opening concert by Attwenger.

Among the many program items is the Long Night of Books on Nov. 10, 2021.

The literary program, which can be found at buchwien.at/program, will allow visitors to meet Edmund de Waal, the bestselling author of “The Rabbit with Amber Eyes,” as well as Rumena Buzarovska, Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, Eva Menasse and Nick Thorpe, among others.

The most important new publications of the Austrian literary year 2021 will also be presented. These include Marc Elsberg, Sebastian Fitzek, Michael Niavarani, Ursula Paznanski and Eva Rossmann.

A new format finds its way into the program with Buch Wien Debatte. In the context of this series of events, various experts from different fields meet for a productive exchange. The Buch Wien Debatte program can be found at buchwien.at/debatte.

“This year, we are paying special attention to the ‘Debate Program’. For four and a half days, Buch Wien will bring top-class panel discussions on the burning issues of our time – from climate change and the right-wing populist challenge to the rise of China, from the cultural-political situation in Hungary to the question of why the trend towards ‘wokeness’ and ‘political correctness’ is dividing our societies so much. So there’s a lot to discuss, and we’ll do it with great passion,” says program director Günter Kaindlstorfer.

Young readers will not be neglected either. For families, Buch Wien offers special performances and events to participate in over the weekend. buchwien.at/kinderbuch.

As part of the Austrian Year of Literature and Theater 2021, Russia is the first guest country to be presented with a guest performance. buchwien.at/gastland.

Buch Wien 2021
10. – 14.11.2021
Messehalle D und verschiedene Locations