Miriam Prantl : Farben/Lichter/See / vorarlbergmuseum

(c) Miriam Prantl,

Seit Dezember 2020.

Guided by the light!

The Vorarlberg artist Miriam Prantl has created the light installation “Colors/Lights/Lake” for the stairwell of the vorarlbergmuseum.

The installation extends from the first floor to the fourth floor – a quiet play of colors that mimic light moods on the lake. With an LED line extending upwards in the handrail, which plays various light sequences in upward movements.

In addition, light boxes are installed on all northern and southern flanks of the stairwell, which slowly guide the light sequences upwards.

Deceleration, calming, contemplation – the effect of the colors and the light prepare for the exhibition visit. For the visitors, there are always new perspectives on the architecture, which receives an additional enhancement through the art of Miriam Prantl and is placed more in focus.

Miriam Prantl : Farben/Lichter/See
seit Dezember 2020
Kornmarktplatz 1
6900 Bregenz