The digital Museum / Technisches Museum, Vienna

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The Technical Museum in Vienna has a wide range of digital and virtual access to the collection and the museum with different aspects.


In the TMW zine you can browse, research and read up.

The digital collection offers online access to the objects, the archive and especially the subject of motor vehicles/motorsports.

The Austrian Media Library of the Vienna Museum of Technology preserves Austria’s audiovisual cultural heritage. The archive contains over two million sound and video recordings on Austrian history.

Motorsport in Austria can be viewed online in the estates of the two Austrian motorsport photographers Artur Fenzlau and Erwin Jelinek.

Everything worth knowing about motor vehicles is archived and retrievable in the motor vehicle database.


The platform nextgen*LAB invites the young audience to participate. Here they can create their own project, get inspiration from other projects, present their own project and deepen their knowledge.

In the home experiments section, you can easily download experiment instructions and join in.

The #10MB Museum is the first digital collection focused on digitally genuine objects.

Dream Job Museum Object is a call for objects that want to find their residence in the museum.umobjekt ist ein Aufruf nach Objekten, die im Museum ihren Aufenthaltsort finden wollen.

The digital Museum
Technisches Museum, Vienna