Viva Venezia! / Unteres Belvedere, Wien

(c) Ludwig Johann Passini, Pumpkin Sellers in Chioggia, 1876.

17.02. – 04.09.2022.

Desire lagoon city!

In the first half of the 19th century until 1866 Venice and Veneto were part of the Habsburg monarchy. For a long time people looked longingly towards the south – even built a railroad line there.

Here, people believed they could find light-heartedness and a simple life; the landscape shaped by the sea; the detachment from the bourgeois confinement in one’s own country.

In three thematic chapters, the exhibition follows the traces of this staging of a dream: the history painting of the 19th century, the connection of Venice to Austria and the lagoon city as a place of longing.

With around 80 paintings, cross-references to literature and film, the artistic examination of this fascinating city is presented.

Viva Venezia!
17.02. – 04.09.2022
Unteres Belvedere
Rennweg 6
1030 Wien