Klaus Schuster: DERTAGDIENACHTDERMORGENDANACH / Galerie Eboran, Salzburg

(c) Klaus Schuster, DERTAGDIENACHTDERMORGENDANACH, 2021. Galerie Eboran, Salzburg.

02.02. – 18.02.2022.

People in their homes, front yards, workplaces, cars – like foreign bodies.

The once self-evident, protective environment has apparently expelled its inhabitants. In the course of time, one’s own house as my own place has turned into a lost place.

In Klaus Schuster’s pictures, the perception-theoretical and pictorial problem of the figure-ground relationship seems transformed into a social problem. The “figures” of the inhabitants have detached themselves from the “ground” of social cohesion. Only the pleasure of painting and its play seem to be able to connect the people with their living room sofas, beds, garden chairs, swimming pools and last but not least with the other people – in a literal painterly sense. Colors, lines, gesture, brushstrokes, as well as the play with pentimenti, stretch out a last rescue umbrella for the social and metaphysical homelessness of the protagonists. It is painting itself that holds the world together with the means at its disposal.

The common thread in these paintings is yellow. The yellow that dominates many of the paintings symbolically stands for instability. Not least because yellow can be quickly “contaminated” with minute amounts of other colors. On the one hand, then, the painting connects people with each other; on the other hand, the colors used show that this connection is also ephemeral and fragile.

02.02. – 18.02.2022
Galerie Eboran
Ignaz-Harrer-Straße 38
5020 Salzburg