Brigitte Kowanz: ISTR (I seem to recall) / Schlossmuseum Linz

(c) Brigitte Kowanz, Flashback 4x3, 1988/2021. Fluorescent lamps, cable, fluorescent paint, wood / Fluorescent lamps, cable, fluorescent paint, wood, 90 x 90 x 12 cm. Photo: Peter Hoiss. Courtesy: STUDIO BRIGITTE KOWANZ, Bildrecht Wien, 2022.

29.04. – 24.07.2022.

In retrospect, it seems that I understand!

At the end of January, the Austrian artist Brigitte Kowanz passed away unexpectedly. The Schlossmuseum in Linz is now hosting the exhibition ISTR ( I seam to recall), on which Kowanz worked until the end.

Starting with sculpture, Brigitte Kowanz turned to light and its appearance in space and as a material very early after her studies. She created light objects and complex spatial images.

She examined light as a space-creating medium as well as an information carrier and medium of cognition and visibility.

Light was material for the artist, but also a subject! Thus she dealt in her artistic work with the representability of light speed.

Language, writing and codes find expression in the works that deal with Morse code.

For the exhibition at the Schlossmuseum Linz, Brigitte Kowanz’s specially developed installations and objects can be seen, which follow on from Kowanz’s exploration of the speed of light and Morse code. At the same time, they also contain reminiscences of the early works of the 1980s.

Brigitte Kowanz: ISTR (I seem to recall)
29.04. – 24.07.2022
Schlossmusem Linz
Schlossberg 1
4020 Linz