Margit Greinöcker, Tann #1 / Schlossmuseum Linz

Bild: (c) Margit Greinöcker, Tann #1, 2023, Entwurf

01.12.2023 – 02.02.2024

Around 65 different tree species grow in Austria’s forests – not to mention the number of future trees, which is not even included.
This contrasts with Christmas tree cultivation, which is based on standardised, uniform ideals. The few species are grown in monoculture.
With her project “Tann #1”, Upper Austrian artist Margit Greinöcker superimposes these contrasting images: the ideal of the Christmas tree and the ideal of diversity.
In front of the entrance area of the Linz Castle Museum, crooked and straight trees of all kinds are used. As a small, dense forest, the trees are crowded together in the strict, standardised outline of a typical Christmas “fir tree” in a place where they are trying to grow.
At the end of the Christmas period, a meadow, park or unsealed area is to be transformed into a dense little forest island with these little trees.

Margit Greinöcker, Tann #1
01.12.2023 – 02.02.2024
Schlossberg 1, 4020 Linz