“FAQ Bregenzerwald” / Vorarlberg 2018

Auch die Kuh schaut zu.

06.09 – 09.09.2018; Bregenzerwald.
FAQ – Bregenzerwald is a forum in festival-style that caters to gourmands’ needs and deals with “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Ongoing changes give rise to many questions. These changes are also interconnected, influencing each other positively or negatively. FAQ – Bregenzerwald addresses these “Frequently Asked Questions“ with insights from people of different disciplines such as economy, culture, design, handcraft and philosophy. Their answers to these common questions are answers that change over time.

FAQ – Bregenzerwald includes different event formats like talks, discussions and concerts, all of which invite the audience to think and join in. It takes place at many different locations, which keeps the participants active.

FAQ Bregenzerwald

06.09 – 09.09.2018
Various locations