Supergau Festival / Flachgau, Salzburg

(c) Supergau, Tina Heine

14. – 23.05.2021.

In a 10-day festival, artists of various genres invite visitors to explore the question of what makes rural regions exceptional places for contemporary art. Over 25 artists or 16 works were selected for the festival through an open call. This festival is about the big question of why the country ranks behind the city. It should not be about competition, but about equal treatment of rural areas and their surroundings and connotations. The question “What can the country do that the city cannot do” can be understood more specifically than the question “What spaces does the country offer art that a city cannot? The landscape space does not assert itself here against the urban space, but sees itself as an extension of the artistic workspace.

Supergau Festival 
14. – 23.05.2021 
various locations