Graz Kulturjahr 2020: The City as a Data Field / Graz Museum

(c) Die Stadt als Datenfeld

27.03. – 29.08.2021.

An exhibition opens at the Graz Museum entitled “The City as a Data Field. How we want to live in the future”. This exhibition deals with two thematic complexes: on the one hand “digital living worlds” and on the other hand the question of “how we want to live”. The program is deliberately very broad and, in addition to the classic exhibition on 2 floors, also offers a ten-week discourse festival, themed tours and an in-depth web format. 

The exhibition’s narrative follows images of the philosopher of technology Vilém Flusser and his plea for moving toward “designing destiny” and venturing utopia as a playful testing of alternative possibilities of an “upright” life in response to the crisis. According to Flusser, the “we” to be redesigned could be “no longer subject to values, but composing them.” The exhibition was curated by Peter Rantaša and Otto Hochreiter.

Kulturjahr 2020: Die Stadt als Datenfeld
27.03. – 29.08.2021
Graz Museum
Sackstraße 18
8010 Graz