Material Loops „Bestand als Materialressource“ / HDA, Graz

(c) Material Loops, Ausstellung im HDA in Graz

14.04.  – 04.07.2021.

The Haus der Architektur in Graz is hosting the exhibition “Material Loops”, whose creators have addressed the issue of material resources. The increasing awareness of the finiteness of material and energy resources in the context of the challenges of climate change also poses new questions and tasks for the construction industry. Studies show that the construction industry alone is responsible for 40 percent of our waste production, for 40 percent of the consumption of primary energy resources and for 40 percent of CO2 emissions worldwide. The rapid growth of cities is a particular contributor to this. This poses an enormous challenge for the construction industry in the coming years. But scientists, researchers and experts have long been calling for a shift in thinking toward the “circular economy” – in other words, a cycle of raw materials that can be reused after consumption. Urban mining and harvesting, in particular, can create a valuable cycle of waste creation in cities. The United Nations already adopted the “Sustainable Development Goals” in 2016, which, among other things, call for the introduction of a sustainable circular economy and sustainable urban development. The exhibition at the HDA shows practical examples of architectures, repurposing and system cycles. On display are buildings and projects by baubüro in situ/Switzerland, K118/Winterthur, ELYS Lysbüchel Areal / Basel, Werkhof Binz / Zurich, de Architekten Cie./Amsterdam: Circl Pavillon / Amsterdam, Superuse Studios / Rotterdam: Villa Welpeloo / Enschede, Wikado Playground / Rotterdam, materialnomaden and ATP architekten ingenieure / Vienna: magdas /Vienna and others.

Material Loops „Bestand als Materialressource“
14.04.  – 04.07.2021
HDA Haus der Architektur Graz
Mariahilferstraße 2
8020 Graz