Juvinale ’21 / Salzburg

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30.06. – 03.07.2021.

The up-and-coming film festival can already look forward to over 50 submissions that have already been brought in for this year. Debut and graduation works are among them, as well as documentaries, animation and music clips. Also planned for this year is the open-air summer cinema at Platzl and, for the first time, the award ceremony for the Simon S. Young Filmmaker Award in the courtyard of Mirabell Palace. In addition, screenings will be held as usual at DAS KINO, and there will also be workshops and the JUVINALE Awardshow.

The third edition of the JUVINALE festival for young filmmakers will take place from June 30 to July 3, 2021. The JUVINALE Awards are endowed with € 10.000,- and the newcomer award Simon S. of the city of Salzburg, also endowed with € 10.000,-. The venues are the film cultural center DAS KINO (screenings, workshops, discussions), the Platzl (open air summer cinema) and the inner courtyard of Mirabell Palace (Simon S. award ceremony). The JUVINALE is open to all debut and final film productions by students and up-and-coming filmmakers. Experience shows that the majority of submissions will come from Austria, South Tyrol and southern Germany.

The JUVINALE Film Festival demonstrates the high value of film as a cultural asset and offers a platform for networking, exchange and, above all, the promotion of young qualitative film in Austria and the neighboring regions. The festival is organized by the Salzburg community TV station FS1 in cooperation with various institutions for the promotion of film culture in Salzburg and Bavaria such as DAS KINO, the association offscreen and CinemaNext.

Multi-layered program

In addition to the classic screenings and the JUVINALE Awards, the program also includes a wide range of workshops on the concerns of young filmmakers, panel discussions for up-and-coming filmmakers to exchange experiences, and an open-air summer cinema at Platzl in Linzer Gasse. In addition, the Simon S. Award will be presented during the JUVINALE.

JUVINALE Awards & Simon S. Preis

Up-and-coming filmmakers and their debut and final productions can win the JUVINALE Awards, which are endowed with a total of € 10,000. Submission of works in the categories Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Music Clips and Ads & Image Clips is possible until June 15, 2021 via the website www.juvinale.at. The JUVINALE Awards ceremony will take place on July 03, 2021. In addition, in 2021 for the first time, the Young Filmmakers Award of the City of Salzburg, the Simon S. Award, will be presented. This is also endowed with € 10,000, the award ceremony will take place on June 30, 2021.

Making up-and-coming films more visible, offering a forum for up-and-coming filmmakers and the creative industries, further developing Salzburg as a land of up-and-coming films, and sharpening the understanding of Salzburg as a cultural land for younger generations: These are the main concerns of the JUVINALE film festival. Film and filmmaking have a long tradition in the city of Mozart. In addition to its popularity as a film location, Salzburg hosted the Diagonale, Austria’s most important independent film festival, until 1995, when the now internationally acclaimed film festival moved to Graz. The student festival film:riss also made its mark on Salzburg’s film landscape, as did “Creativity Rules”, organized by the MultiMediaArt department of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The JUVINALE builds on this and creates a platform that is intended to benefit all film institutions.Workshops 

The workshops within the JUVINALE teach a professional approach to the development of film and TV productions for the respective market, the search for authors, producers, and suitable broadcasters/distributors as well as for the development of funding applications and financing possibilities. In addition, the workshops provide information on how to deal with copyrights and rights of use and exploitation

On display will be, among others:

“Shadows”: illuminates the dark sides of human coexistence and builds a fictional funeral pyre of modern society. Significantly, a cherry-red gas can leads through the music video – because the bigger the fire, the longer the shadow.

“42 Percent”: Jamal is still young – yet his hearing is getting worse. Instead of facing up to the problem, he tries not to give the hearing loss any space in his everyday life and keeps finding new ways to conceal his limitation. He succeeds in keeping up appearances until he overhears a desperate call for help – from Pia Padlewski.

“Abrechnung am Totenbett”: A bounty hunter disguises himself as an Indian. He wants to posthumously prove to a deceased landowner that she led a double life as a wanted robbery killer. He pretends to be a shaman in order to confirm his suspicions behind the back of her grieving maid and finally disappear with the corpse. It is his undoing that the maid does not like this, because she has her own plans with him… – by Alexander Fischer.

Bankerl” : An elderly lady sits down next to a young man on a bench and starts light-hearted small talk, but ignores her interlocutor, who would much rather deal with his own concerns – by Lucas Cantera.

Juvinale 2021
30.06. – 03.07.2021
Am Platzl, various locations
5020 Salzburg