Media interventions / MdM, Salzburg

01.10. 2022 – 05.02. 2023

Since the 1960s, mass media have repeatedly become the subject of artistic interventions themselves.

An exhibition curated by Stefanie Grünangerl and Jürgen Tabor in the Salzburg Museum of Modern Art documents the artistic strategies and forms of expression in this field of art.

A fascinating instrument that artists use are interventions that they – openly or covertly – carry out directly in these media and allow them to take effect. They play with the mechanisms of the mass media in order to reveal them, to irritate our habits and to pose political and social questions directly to the public.

The bandwidth of these media interventions ranges from newspaper advertisements to poster and facade campaigns in public space to campaigns on television and in social media – what they have in common is their radius of action outside the traditional art world. The exhibition looks at a selection of historical and current media interventions in order to explore the potential of this art form.

01.10. 2022 – 05.02. 2023
Salzburg: MdM – Museum der Moderne/Rupertinum