3D Analog-/-Digital; Galerie allerArt Bludenz / Vorarlberg

11.11. – 30.12. 2022

Where does the analogue world end and where does the digital one begin? The cooperative exhibition project “3D Analog -/- Digital” in the Galerie allerArt in Bludenz deals with this question.

For this exhibition, a loose group of artists such as Lidia Atanasova, Kathrin Dörfler, Fridolin Welte, Marco Palma and Gregor Titze use digital tools and robots to explore the possibilities of artistic design at the transitional threshold between the analog and digital world.

The computer-defined works are juxtaposed with a series of analogue sculptures that seem to be deceptively related to one another.

3D Analog/Digital
11.11. – 30.12. 2022
Galerie allerArt
Bludenz, Raiffeisenplatz 1