Anderswo Tag / Orpheum Graz, Styria

(c) Thomas Rahn, Todesstrasse Bolivien


What began in 2019 with the first Anderswo Festival has grown and is now a lecture series with events from October to March. Anderswo brings high-calibre lectures to the Styrian capital in the winter months.
Three films are on the programme for the Anderswo Day.
Thomas Rahn takes us on a journey through South America, during which he and Sabine Hoppe travelled more than 30,000 km through seven countries along the Andes in their vintage truck, all the way to Tierra del Fuego.
Christian Bock will be travelling “With horses through the wild heart of Asia” – Kyrgyzstan.
Peter Gebhard’s journey with his iconic vintage van from Lisbon to Lapland will conclude the programme.

Anderswo Tag
Orpheumgasse 8
8020 Graz