Black is a kind of colourful (6 – 11) / Project space, WUK Vienna

© Julia Wesely

24.01.2024 – 28.01.2024

Sooner or later, everyone finds themselves in a situation where they have to grieve. It is often particularly difficult for the youngest children.
Julia, Regina and Johanna have curiously asked around and thought about what it’s like to deal with death. With a large portion of music and imagination, they want to encourage children to call a spade a spade and quench their thirst for knowledge – without any taboos. They have discovered, for example, that not everyone always cries when someone dies, but that many different feelings arise; and that it is okay to feel what you feel.
The new, interactive performance with music by Grips’n’Chips sings, sounds, moves and invites you to join in: to tell stories, ask questions, cry and dance. Because despite all adversity, life is a celebration. Is it actually allowed to laugh when talking about death? For children aged 6 to 11.

Black is a kind of colourful (6 – 11)
24.01.2024 – 28.01.2024
Project space, WUK Vienna
Währinger Straße 59
1090 Vienna