Alicja Kwade @ Sol LeWitt’s Wall. Performed / Kunsthaus Graz, Styria

Alicja Kwade, Siège du Monde (II), 2023 Courtesy the artist, © Roman März

04.04.2024 – 05.05.2024

Alicja Kwade is one of the best-known artists in Germany and has been internationally successful for many years.
Blue marbles, cut into precise spheres from millions of years old stones under computer control; they are intended to scrutinize the universe and the human condition and become a fitting counterpart to Sol LeWitt’s man-made wall. In a quietly floating mobile, gravity is revealed as the starting point of all life. Time, like space, becomes infinitely scalable here. The harmony that characterizes Kwade’s enigmatic installations seems to do without people: Is that what you call “uncannily beautiful”?

Alicja Kwade @ Sol LeWitt’s Wall. Performed
04.04.2024 – 05.05.2024
Kunsthaus Graz