Verweile doch / kunstGarten, Graz

© Renate Krammer, LINES 2023

11.05.2024 – 23.06.2024

Three women – Renate Krammer / A (pictures), Heidi Kämpfer / CH (installations) & Gertrud Pinkus / CH (film) – try to open up new perspectives and points of view with their work, to convey sensitivity, empathy, resilience and strength. The woman becomes a creator, an energizing and energy-giving entity.
Norbert Prettenthaler supports Heidi Kämpfer’s tendency with his shortcut HONDA A MAGLIA.
The artist Renate Krammer has been working with freehand drawn, torn, moulded, printed horizontal lines in her artistic work for a long time. Her more recent graphic works show an almost infinite variation of lines that fill sheet after sheet at intervals of a few millimetres. The strength of the pencil, the hardness of the lead, the varying daily condition of the artist, who works on her works every day from the early afternoon, lead to slight variations in the lines that breathe life into Renate Krammer’s pictures.
Heidi Kämpfer appears on the scene as a representative of all 9 muses and reminds us with her works that art originates from the female hand, which creates networks in her work, indebted to Mnemosyne, goddess of memory and mother of all muses: Delicate structures that convey the value of being human, that aim to make us aware of our humanity through art: In doing so, she strengthens the position of women and science, without which knowledge would only be half-heartedly possible.
Gertrud Pinkus shows 3 short films: THE FLOW OF THE RIVER, film essay based on a Hôjôki by Kamo no Chömei; BAILE PLAZA MORELIA, 2018, Mexico and LA MIA DIMORA È IL MIO CORPO, 2019, ode to the ageing female body – only on 11 May.

Verweile doch
11.05.2024 – 23.06.2024
Payer-Weyprecht Straße 27
8020 Graz