Literaricum Lech 2024 / various locations, Lech, Vorarlberg

Literaricum Lech 2023 © Dietmar Hurnaus - © Lech Zürs Tourismus by Dietmar Hurnaus

18.07.2024 – 21.07.2024

Every year, the festival puts a classic of world literature in the spotlight for rediscovery and rediscovery in order to explore its echo chamber in our contemporary literature. In 2024, ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov is the starting point for the reflections on the mountain. A book that was initially banned, later enjoyed enormous success and made the Russian author instantly world-famous. A masterpiece of confusion, and at the same time one of the greatest misunderstandings in 20th century world literature.
When Nabokov was once asked what he had to say in defence of his scandalous novel, he said: ‘The moral defence of the book is the book itself!’ Today, reading it is more shocking than ever – and is in urgent need of rehabilitation. At the end of the Literaricum Lech, this year’s ‘Poeta Laureatus’ prize will be awarded to the Austrian writer and translator Clemens J. Setz.
The writer Nora Bossong will give the opening speech on ‘Lolita’ and reflect on the tense relationship between creed, shrift and confession.

Literaricum Lech 2024
18.07.2024 – 21.07.2024
various locations, Lech / Vorarlberg