Radio Helsinki – Literature / Graz

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Literature focus at Radio Helsinki.

Radio Helsinki is one of the free radio stations in Austria and, as the third pillar of the broadcasting landscape alongside public service and commercial-private broadcasters, expands the diversity of opinion.

Literature is a real focal point of Radio Helsinki, some programmes deal with the printed word:

Content only available in german language

Literatur Café: hosted by HC Roth, long-time Radio Helsinki presenter. With features, acoustic portraits and recordings.

Aufgeblättert: From Oberpullendorf to Innsbruck and from Freistadt to Graz, programmes are dedicated to regional literature – with a special focus on unpublished texts.

Literatur am Donnerstag: radio plays and portraits of as yet unknown authors. Recordings of readings, newly published books, poetry, discussions about the literary scene.

Das Rote Mikro: In “Das rote Mikro”, Barbara Belic presents acoustic portraits of renowned and emerging authors and musicians; occasionally edited reading recordings. The focus is on artists who come from Styria, have studied here or publish in a Styrian publisher or label.

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