Jochen Rindt / GrazMuseum

(c) Jochen Rindt, Sammlung GrazMuseum

29.09.2021 – 24.04.2021.

In an exhibition, the Graz Museum traces the fascination surrounding the racing driver Jochen Rindt – his myth, the incomprehensible, the fascinating. Jochen Rindt was a role model of the post-war generation, his coolness, his savoir vivre and savoir faire, his special style made him so. September 2020 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the tragic accidental death of Jochen Rindt, who grew up with his grandparents on the Ruckerlberggürtel in Graz. His funeral at the Central Cemetery was attended by around 30,000 mourners. The tragic “heroic death” of the 28-year-old at Monza exaggerated the myth of Jochen Rindt into a “king of hearts”. 

Jochen Rindt
29.09.2021 – 24.04.2021
Sackstraße 18
8010 Graz