Manfred Erjautz: Dinge | Things / KULTUM. Zentrum für Gegenwart, Kunst und Religion, Graz

(c) Manfred Erjautz: Your Own Personal Jesus, 2012-16. Tower clock controlled by the radio signal (DCF 77) of the long-wave transmitter in Mainflingen with creeping seconds; Christ corpus, carved, tinted with beer, Allgäu around 1880. (Exhibition view FO | Photo: Johannes Rauchenberger.

02.04. – 17.07.2022.

The language of things, the measurement and contestation of time found in objects!

Things – dozens of small table sculptures and clocks – are at the center of the large personal exhibition of the Graz-born and Vienna-based sculptor Manfred Erjautz at the Kultum Galerie in Graz.

Things and our search to find with them a place, a meaning, perhaps even a refuge (“shelter”).

Time and time machines, existential anxiety and the loading of meaning, the sense of beauty and its subversive undermining, the language of material in its eternality and transience drive Erjautz in a Sysiphus mania through his recent artistic output.

Among them is a more than 50-part dance of death series that the artist has just completed based on the well-known Basel dance of death. A lying skeleton floating at eye level, likewise floating stones and last but not least the well-known “Jesus Clock”.

Parallel to this exhibition there is also a temporary installation – an ECHO OF THINGS – in the QL Gallery.

Almost all the works can be seen for the first time.

Manfred Erjautz: Dinge | Things
02.04. – 17.07.2022
Kultum Galerie
KULTUM. Zentrum für Gegenwart, Kunst und Religion
Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten
Mariahilferplatz 3
8020 Graz