Katsushika Hokusai: „Frau Oiwa“ (Detail) aus der Serie 100 Erzählungen, Japan 1831/22 (c) MAK / Georg Mayer; Damenrock (Detail), China, 19. Jh. (c) MAK / Aslan Kudrnofsky

30.11. 2022 – 26.03. 2023

Folding is an ancient cultural practice. In Asia in particular, this has developed into a fine art.

With the FALTEN exhibition, the MAK Asia Collection decodes the complexity of the phenomenon of “folds” with regard to technical, creative, physical, symbolic and cultural dimensions. The show, conceived as transmedial, illuminates “folds” from multiple perspectives from the point of view of the history of design, culture and ideas as well as cultural anthropology.

Based on a comprehensive concept of folding, folds are not only presented in the form of material designs and as a design method. They are also discussed as cultural practices and as a topos of aesthetic distinction in order to show their broad facets as a cultural technique and their philosophical-symbolic dimensions.

A wide range of objects can be seen: from textiles and works on paper to furniture and paintings. Some of the transregionally assembled exhibits come from the MAK collection and are supplemented by items on loan.

30.11. 2022– 26.03. 2023
MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst Wien