Frenzi Rigling und Alois Mosbacher / Galerie, Salzburg

Alois Mosbacher, Frühes Lied © Alois Mosbacher
Alois Mosbacher, Frühes Lied © Alois Mosbacher

27.5. – 22.7.2023

Based on the current exhibition by Alois Mosbacher palinops at the Belvedere21 in Vienna, the two summer exhibitions show a cross-section of the artist’s work over the past 15 years. The latest objects by Frenzi Rigling are part of an exciting discourse on this.

Alois Mosbacher focuses on the seemingly unspectacular and gives autonomy to the everyday. His paintings are full of mysteries precisely because they show ordinary objects but in unusual configurations. Mosbacher puts things together that at first glance have nothing to do with each other: ropes, a ladder, light bulbs, cables, wires, cacti, a swarm of bees come together. And again and again trees, his very own, unmistakable pars pro toto for landscapes.

Frenzi Rigling is not only interested in socio-political questions in her artistic feminist examination, but also in the connection between coincidence and myth and the dimension of temporality. The process is just as important as the end product.

Frenzi Rigling und Alois Mosbacher
27.5. – 22.7.2023 Galerie
Linzergasse 25
A – 5020 Salzburg