TING-JUNG CHEN – To Steinway / Bildraum 01, Vienna

Ting-Jung Chen | To Steinway (A ♭ ), 2022 | Klangskulptur / Kinetische Mehrkanal-Soundinstallation (2+4 Kanal) | Foto: Anpis Foto | © Bildrecht, Wien 2024

29.05.2024 – 04.07.2024

Inspired by the sound of the Steinway piano, which is considered ideal, the two-piece ensemble plays automatically and forms the harmony series of the tonic A♭. Ting-Jung Chen’s artistic practice is rooted in the exploration of intertwined cultural-political semiotics inspired by historical events. Special attention is paid to the social and geopolitical tensions between groups guided by different ideologies and propaganda. It is about collectivity / belonging, the formation of identity and collective memory, and much more.
Sound plays a special role in her works and this exhibition. Guided by how the acoustics of sound cite time and space, establish a direct connection to body, emotion and memory and are charged with cultural and political references, the artist develops her sculptural sound works.

TING-JUNG CHEN – To Steinway
29.05.2024 – 04.07.2024
Bildraum 01
Strauchgasse 2
1010 Vienna