“Wunderkammer Oberösterreich” / OÖ Kulturquartier, Linz

11.05.2019 – 13.10.2019; Linz
The opening of the “Wunderkammer Oberösterreich” is bizarre-humoristic, with a look at the relationship between dog and dog owners.

As a prelude to the exhibition series “Wunderkammer Oberösterreich”, the former Linz09 Artistic Director Martin Heller and Julia Stoff, under the exhibition title “Wiar a Hünderl sein Herrn”, will make a fun exploration of the intimate relationship between humans and animals with a curious collection of everyday objects and images. Based on the first stanza of the national anthem “Hoamatland”, the exhibition casts an oblique glance at Upper Austria and the unconditional dog-like loyalty.

The exhibition marks the beginning of a series that takes up various cultural aspects, themes, realities and peculiarities of Upper Austria.

Anyone who knows Stoff und Heller knows that behind the seeming lightness lies hidden meaning. For those who blindly obey “Wiar a Hünderl sein Herrn” are all too easily victims of manipulation and exploitation. At any rate, the double exhibition “Wunderkammer Oberösterreich” and “Sinnesrausch” make a sentence by Karl Marx highly topical again: “Everything is to be doubted.”

Wiar a Hünderl sein Herrn
Wunderkammer Linz
11.05.2019 – 13.10.2019