Paul Celan 100 / Online

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The 100th birthday and 50th anniversary of Paul Celan’s death are being celebrated by the Bucharest National Museum of Romanian Literature, the German Studies Department of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the University of Bucharest and the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest with the exhibition “Paul Celan 100 – Under the Words”, which illuminates the life and work of the linguistic genius. The online version can now be visited on the exhibition website at

Born in the crown land of the Habsburg monarchy of Bukovina, grown up as a member of the German-speaking minority, educated in Romanian and Ukrainian grammar schools, translator into Russian, French and English: the exhibition sheds light on Paul Celan’s life, which he led as a multicultural intellectual whose literary work was appreciated and received throughout Europe. All the more gratifying that the current online exhibition is already available in Italian, Romanian, Turkish, French and soon in Polish.

Paul Celan 100